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Simonton Windows

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Every Simonton product is engineered for superior performance, thermal efficiency and long-lasting beauty.

The Simonton family began manufacturing aluminum products years ago, with the manufacture of awnings and marquees.  They soon realized that there was high demand for quality windows and began offering aluminum windows and doors.

In the early 80’s, they recognized that vinyl was superior to aluminum for windows and doors and headed in this new direction.

Now part of the Fortune Brands, Inc. family of companies, along with other leading home and hardware products, Simonton Windows offers many distinct lines of vinyl replacement windows and new construction windows and doors.

Included are ENERGY STAR compliant products and a line of impact-resistant windows and doors.

Selecting your windows should be a simple process when working with
Simonton Windows.  There are many shapes, features, styles and glass options to choose from.  Just follow these easy steps:

Consider what style will be suitable for your home and family

Determine which glass options will be appropriate for your home

Decide which thermal performance features are best for your climate

Enjoy selecting glass and grid options and unique hardware

When selecting your windows, vinyl is an excellent choice.  Simonton vinyl windows require almost no maintenance and an occasional washing will keep them looking new for years.

Vinyl windows will not rot like wood or require repeated repainting.  Nor will they pit or flake like aluminum.

Take a look at this checklist of reasons for purchasing Simonton windows for your home.

They add value to your home through the features listed below

Low maintenance – vinyl frames resist pollution, dirt and sea spray

Excellent thermal performance for increased comfort and lower utility bills

Weatherability, as the product can stand up to extreme weather conditions

Testing shows vinyl windows comparable to wood products in thermal efficiency


Providing geographically specific products.

Simonton offers several product lines.  Some are made to be installed by local companies that specialize in windows and doors.  Others are designed to be installed by remodelers or contractors and still others are manufactured for specific geographic areas.

The window professional you select can assist you in determining which product line is best for your needs.

Products for the East include trademarked products ‘Simonton Reflections’, ‘Prism by Simonton’, ‘Simonton Impressions’, ‘Simonton ProFinish’ and ‘Simonton StormBreakerPlus.’

West Products include ‘Simonton DaylightMax’, ‘Simonton Madeira’ and ‘Verona by Simonton.’

Simonton understands that energy efficiency is more important than ever.  They are always looking for ways to make their windows as thermally efficient as possible and are a dedicated ENERGY STAR partner.


Your energy-efficient home begins here.

Wondering how to keep your home more comfortable while saving energy?   The right glass package will accomplish the task.  Simonton Windows offers a variety of optional glass packages for impressive year-round thermal performance.  Choosing the proper glass package for your home will allow you to reap the benefits of an ultra energy-efficient window and door.

(PLEASE NOTE: Not all features are available on all Simonton series.
See your Simonton Representative for complete details.

Now in a leadership position, Simonton offers great customer service and unbeatable delivery times – in addition to their top quality vinyl windows and doors.

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